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2007-08-01 11:24:55 by Cosmodious

I've just finished reading Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows (well a few weeks ago actually) and it was awesome. And today (1st of July) I got Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix on Wii and almost completed it (Wow, that is hard, I just can't do the last level)

Anyway, I've finished a Dragonball Z Flash and I hope you like it (I haven't got the voices yet but it's only a matter of time) but you need to make sure you judge it on the movie, not the fact it is mostly about GT. Okay, super.

Anyway, if anyone is interested in doing the voices please PM me (I need someone for Kid Goku, Vegeta and Gekei (the bad guy I made up) or if you wanted to do any combination of the three or all of them that would be cool too)


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