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2007-09-28 15:43:17 by Cosmodious

A little while ago I had a lot of dreams in a row, so I guess I'll post some them here over a few weeks or so.

9th August 2007

Tonights dream was a confusing one, I was Goku from Dragonball Z, in his adult form. I cannot remember much from this dream but I remember Dende and I were alone on the Lookout when a powerful bad guy, apparently another Saiyan, stronger than myself flew upwards from somewhere beneath us and appeared over the edge of the lookout and continued flying upwards until he had appeared in full sight and started shooting an incredible barrage of energy waves towards the lookout.
Two more groups of Saiyans one after the other, slowly rose up on either side of him. I noticed that one of them had a bag full of Dragonballs; I remember we already had three of them so these were the other four.
I flew over to him and we started fighting. I grabbed the hand with the Dragonballs and pulled the Dragonballs away from him.
Then, after seeing the first Saiyan's power I realized that there would be no way to defeat this guy without having to make a wish on the Dragonballs.
Dende and I ran over to a room on the left of the lookout and ran inside.
The outside of the room looked like the venom symbiote from Spider-Man and seemed to be alive.
We ran inside and placed the Dragonballs on the ground. The Saiyan I had stolen the Dragonballs from had followed us and was trying to get in. Unfortunately the outer wall of this room was very weak. I had to stay at the entrance to keep it closed as the evil Saiyan tried to open it.

I was trying as hard as I could to keep the entrance shut which was surprisingly easy considering I was running away from this guy. Dende summoned Shenron and asked me what we should wish for.
'Wish that no one else could see this room!' I shouted to him
Dende began to make the wish
'No, wish that only people on our side could see this room!' I decided
Dende started to tell this wish to Shenron
'No, wait! Wish that only people with our motives could see, or enter this room'
Dende told this wish to Shenron and his eyes glowed red. I was just preparing to tell Dende the second wish when suddenly I was floating in mid air outside of the room.
'What?' I said as I looked around and could not see the room where Dende and I had been 'Darn!'
I turned around as I realized where I was and I saw that there was a massive amount of burning energy balls flying towards me at tremendous speed. I flew straight through the middle, which was a fantastic feeling, I was flying and I was trying to save the world. I flew under what seemed to be an enormous black and red ship as huge explosions where going off all around me. I flew half way through the barrage and woke up.


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