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Wow, almost a month!

2007-10-21 17:46:18 by Cosmodious

Well, it's only a week away from being a month from my last post (if you're not following, don't worry) so I thought I would post something for...myself basically...since at the very most, only one person reads this other than me -_-

Anyway, the real reason I wanted to post something is that my new movie (I never got around to finishing the DBZ one) is almost finished (I just need the voices, and as soon as I can find sonicmega or remei in a spare moment I will be able to they're busy...they rock)

What is my movie about?

Fairy Tail.

For those of you who do not know of the Hiro Mashima manga Fairy Tail (and if you don't know what manga is you're hopeless) it is about a world where mages (magic users) live.

These mages are part of guilds (groups they do missions as part of) and Natsu, who belongs to the guild called Fairy Tail, is a Fire Dragon Slayer Mage, is one of the main characters (as well as being my favorite)

And that's what it is about. Got all that? Neither have I (And oh, by the way LVL 11 YAY!)

So here's a picture of Natsu!

Wow, almost a month!


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2007-10-26 15:12:19

Yo, Cosmodious, it's me, that guy from the drama thing a year ago. SUP.


2007-10-30 20:10:08

OMFG im hopeless!!! X( and yeah in % how is that movie doing?