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Hmm Pretty Good But...

I was really expecting more, this was kinda short in my oppinion. I know it is hard to make a really long Flash movie, which is why I still gave you 10 and voted 5 but it could really do with being longer. Anyway nice job otherwise, the story was good and it was slightly funny good job.

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Zonic64 responds:

Well i planned to make it longer but, the flash start to lag near the end, so i just stop it and ill make the new one in like 1 month lol


As soon as I saw the word Mario I was sure that there would be sprites and I would not like this movie, but you proved me wrong. Very nice! You are probably one of the only people who bothers to draw their own stuff any more. Good Stuff!


Dearey me, it seems more fools hav decided to get Flash or a free trial or something like that. Anyway learn to animate properly if you want to get anything onto NG without the help of Star Syndicate. Other than that this was not bad, I gave it 2 for sound cos it actually had it anyways, hope u do better next time.

Starberry responds:

ive made better flash than you buttchips


Mediocre at best, the best graphics in a TooF parody so far I must saym I am impressed by that if nothing else. Anyway, you need better jokes unlike Logo. Anyway the Asian dude was really funny and alot of people think so. Anyway nice job just next time if you make fun of something please do it better than you did this time.

Oh and try not to give people epilepsy.



HAHA LOL!!!!!!!!!

THIS IS GENIUS!!! THIS IS HILERIOUS!!! But the replies and commentary crapped it up, shuda been more serious or just not been there, anyway AWSOME STUFF!!!

Funny-ish but...

There was no animation, normally I wouldn't really care about that but since I didn't find it the slightest bit funny I had to see if there was anything to redeem it

KKyuubi responds:

"Yeah, man. I'll gnaw your face off -Teh C."*

*generic "no comment" comment


This is classic, it's just so random it's funny! I loved the guy banging his head against the tree ^^ o my gosh that was classic nice job dude!


THAT'S NOT FUNNY!!!!!!!!!!! Actually it is, you rock keep it up dude the drill sargent reminded me of that guy from Malcom in the Middle when Francis (or however you spell it) was in military school....Actually he reminds me more of my gym teacher

I pretty much hated it but...

...'Now to go watch some Pokemon' made the whole thing worth watching!

Back to the matter at hand. Where to put all of the terrorists swimming across the border in underwear not suited for their gender.

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